About Our Products

Dogs are just like humans. They have good days and bad days, feel things and experience emotion, love to sleep, and unfortunately have similar issues and ailments like anxiety or achy joints.

But when it comes to helping dogs with CBD, a lot of mainstream products aren’t safe, aren’t lab tested, and often have labels with misleading information about what’s actually inside — not to mention potentially harmful side effects!

As dog-lovers, it’s our mission to create CBD products that are different from the rest: No harmful pesticides, molds, heavy metals, or chemical solvents. No side effects. No misleading labels or confusing product descriptions. And no secrets.

Our products are safe, healthy, all natural, and American-grown. We’ve partnered with a family-owned farm in Colorado that grows the hemp we use. We’ve teamed up with a rock star veterinarian to help us create our unique formula and dosage recommendations. We care about the environment, so we chose to use only MSC-certified sustainable fish oil.

And all of our products and ingredients are sourced and made in the USA.

We believe in transparency and our lab results are publicly available, so if you have a question, don’t be scared to ask. (And yes, a real person will answer.)

Life’s short (and even shorter for our dogs) so why complicate it?

Our dogs deserve the best and that’s our goal.

Here’s what’s up with CBD & Hemp Extract:

At Happi Canine, our hemp extract is “full spectrum” which means it has all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids. These different cannabinoids work together to produce beneficial effects that are more effective than just CBD alone.

Okay, what does that actually mean? Our hemp extract is pure, natural, and can help reduce anxiety and joint pain, and promote health and HAPPIness for the dog(s) in your life.

Why We Chose Fish Oil:

We went with fish oil because of it’s Omega-3 fats. Part of a natural-food diet, we’re excited about giving our dogs the good fats they need. Plus Omega-3 fats have long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) that help absorb the CBD faster.

Here’s What Makes Us Different:

There are a million and one pet CBD companies out there, but here’s the problem: a lot of these companies are prioritizing convenience over quality. Their ingredients are outsourced, bought in bulk, and often lack lab testing.

Our difference: Our hemp is grown on a family-owned farm in Colorado. (They are awesome people and they love what they do) Our fish oil comes from MSC-certified, sustainably caught Wild Alaskan fish. And all of our testing and formula information is publicly available online. No secrets.

We believe in creating high-quality products in the most honest and dog-friendly way possible.