Happi Canine Mind & Body CBD

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As passionate dog-lovers, our promise is to create the safest, healthiest, and most effective CBD products possible, to naturally improve the lives of our best friends!

All of our products are veterinarian formulated specifically for dogs, 100% American-made, 3rd-party lab tested for quality assurance, and contain only the highest quality ingredients. Our proprietary formula includes premium full-spectrum hemp extract and sustainably caught Wild Alaskan fish oil, which is highly effective for the health and well-being of canines. Your dog find the natural fish oil taste delicious, and most even beg for it! Try a bottle today, your dog will thank you.

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Customer Reviews

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What's your pup's name?: Indie
How old is your pup?: 8
What is your pup's breed?: Great Dane
How much does your pup weigh?: 125 lbs.
What's your pup struggling with?: Arthritic Pain and Noise Fear
Great help

A veterinarian suggested I try Happy Canine for my dogs arthritis and fear and I'm so glad I did. Before, my dog has trouble in the mornings getting down the stairs and wasn't as playful with my younger dane. Now everyone in the house has noticed a huge change in her. She is much more youthful, playful, and even hops around when she's being silly. She has also had an issue in the past with injuring herself when she hears loud noises. I have tried blocking the sounds out and giving her a small enclosed space. Neither worked and her stress level would skyrocket. Her fear would cause her to stop listening. Now she is much more calm and doesn't end up hurting herself out of fear.

What's your pup's name?: Maebe
How old is your pup?: 9
What is your pup's breed?: German Pinscher Mix
How much does your pup weigh?: 22 lbs.
What's your pup struggling with?: Anxiety and excessive barking
Awesome Product!!!

Our 9 year old German Pinscher Mix has always been a pretty anxious pup and barks constantly. We tried everything from putting her in our room anytime anyone came over to various bark collars to professional training, and although the training definitely helped, her barking and anxiety was still pretty unbearable. Along came Happi Canine and changed everything!!! Within 1 week of using this product, Maebe was a different dog! Since then she has been on Happi Canine and is SO much more calm, not anxious at all, and her barking is WAY more manageable. It's amazing. I highly recommend this awesome product!:)

What's your pup's name?: Banksy
How old is your pup?: 1 1/2
What is your pup's breed?: Boston Terrier
How much does your pup weigh?: 30 pounds
What's your pup struggling with?: Epilepsy
Saves the day

My dog has been struggling with anxiety and epilepsy. When we started giving him Happi Canine he is way more relaxed and seizures have been more controlled. We love this product!

What's your pup's name?: Wilson
How old is your pup?: 9
What is your pup's breed?: German shepherd/hound
How much does your pup weigh?: 60
What's your pup struggling with?: Pain

Wilson has and will continue to live an active life. Unfortunately in his golden years the joint pain has started to get the better of him. But with Happi Canine he is quick to get up jump in and out of cars and looks forward to going out again.

What's your pup's name?: Presley
How old is your pup?: 1.5
What is your pup's breed?: Pit/Lab mix
How much does your pup weigh?: 45-50lbs
What's your pup struggling with?: Separation Anxiety
Best Product For My Dog’s Anxiety!!

I honestly can’t go on and recommend Happi Canine enough! Presley has made a complete 180 in her mood when it comes to anxiety. I used to have to lock her in a kennel during the day while I was in class because she would chew up my dresser, pillows, bed, lamps—you name it. I started giving her Happi Canine last week and decided to let her out of the kennel while I was gone again—we are on day 6 of a destruction free bedroom!!! I am so happy that I can finally leave her out without having to worry about what I’m coming home to. And I’m sure she’s happy too! Just a little bit on her food every day and she’s my happy puppy again. I thought she might think I was up to something after I put it on her food, but she loves her food even more now, too! Cannot recomend this product enough! Thank you so much HAPPI CANINE :)