Happi Canine CBD Oil For Dogs

For anxiety, pain, and mobility support.

Happi Canine CBD Oil For Dogs

For anxiety, pain, and mobility support.

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Happi Canine Mind & Body CBD oil for dogs reduces nervous behavior, improves joint comfort, and supports a healthy immune system. Our full spectrum CBD oil comes from hemp grown using organic practices on a family-owned farm in Colorado.

Our unique formula includes Omega-3 fish oil to support your dog’s heart, joint, coat, skin, and immune system. Omega-3s also help your pup’s body absorb CBD more effectively.

Dogs love the fish flavor of our all-natural oil. Don’t be surprised when they’re wagging their tail for more.

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CBD Oil That Works

Reduce Anxious Behavior

Is your pup overly anxious? Help them remain calm through stressful situations and find their inner chill.

Promote Joint Mobility

Help your dog get reacquainted with their inner puppy. Support your pup's joints and put a spring back into their step.

Support Healthy Skin

Give your pup healthy skin and a shiny coat. Happi Canine is mixed with Omega-3 fish oil, the most proven supplement for skin and coat health.

CBD Oil That Works

Separation Anxiety

Joint Pain



Itchy Skin

Situational Anxiety

Dogs Love It

Add to food twice a day or give directly by mouth. Your dog will love the natural fish flavor.

24 Hour Support

Expect to see all day support with a calmer, less anxious mood, as well as improved mobility and joint relief.

Fast Acting

Many dogs show positive results within 30 minutes. Regular daily use provides even more support and wellness boosting power.

It's Easy To Use

Vet Approved
CBD For Dogs

Trusted By Veterinarians

We set out on a mission to create a CBD formula that veterinarians would choose. We're proud to say we've accomplished our goal.

With the help of Dr. Liz McCalley we've created the most effective CBD formula for dogs, by mixing powerful Full-Spectrum CBD with fish oil.

I give my dog Radar Happi Canine. It's a big help with his separation anxiety and mood.

Dr. Liz McCalley, DVM

One Powerful Formula, In Three Sizes

Happi Canine will work for your dog no matter their weight. Our formula comes in three bottle sizes so you can get the amount that's best for you.

Ready to get a large bottle for the best value - or just want to to try Happi Canine for the first time? We've got the perfect bottle for you.

.5oz - 250mg CBD
Works for any size dog
One month supply for 25lb dog

Shop Now | $40

1oz - 500mg CBD
Works for any size dog
One month supply for 50lb dog

Shop Now | $75

2oz - 1000mg CBD
Works for any size dog
One month supply for 100lb dog

Shop Now | $130

Hear From Our Happi Customers

"It's worked wonders for Presley's anxiety & pain management."

Verified Buyer

Grace & Presley

"I love that it's sourced with such integrity and responsibility."

Verified Buyer

Pam & Sophie

"Rosie loves the natural fish flavor and she gets all the Omega-3 benefits."

Verified Buyer

Lexi & Rosie

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Excellent product
Perfect for hyperactivity
Works to an extent
Great product!

Looking For More Information?

  • How do I use Happi Canine?

    Using Happi Canine is easy. First, shake well before... (read more)

    Using Happi Canine easy. First, shake well before use. Then use the included marked dopper to put it on your pup's food. We recommend giving 0.1ml per 10 pounds your dog weighs.

  • How long does it take to kick in and how long does it last?

    Many dogs start showing results within 30 minutes... (read more)

    Many dogs start showing results within 30 minutes however some take longer. Each dog is unique and some need more support. To see the full effects it's important to give twice daily, for at least three days.

  • Can I give it directly or do I have to give it with food?

    We recomend giving Happi Canine with food to... (read more)

    We recomend giving Happi Canine with food to help the absorption of CBD, but we know that sometimes that's not very convenient. You can also give Happi Canine directly, it's effective either way.

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